Singapore Business Federation

As the apex business chamber, the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) champions the interests of the Singapore business community in trade, investment and industrial relations. It represents some 20,000 companies as well as the local and foreign business chambers, and key national and industry associations from business sectors that contribute significantly to the Singapore economy.


Nationally, SBF acts as the bridge between the government and businesses in Singapore to create a conducive business environment. Internationally, SBF represents the business community in bilateral, regional and multilateral fora for the purpose of trade expansion and business networking.

The Federation organises more than 400 events and activities each year benefitting some 70,000 participants. It convenes over 20 out-going business missions and receives over 100 in-coming business and government delegations annually. To date, the Federation has signed over 100 MOUs with counterpart business chambers worldwide.

SBF organises and supports a myriad of activities and programmes annually in response to members’ needs. These include:

Voice Representation

  • The SME Committee (SMEC) looks into the needs and concerns of small and medium businesses and serves as a sounding board for suggestions and new ideas which it surfaces for government’s consideration.
  • ASEAN and APEC Business Advisory Council In its role as the national secretariat, SBF represents the voices of Singapore companies on both ASEAN and APEC platforms.
  • Surveys – SBF’s annual National Business Survey and quarterly SME Index Survey captures members’ sentiment and business outlook, helping SBF better align its activities to their needs.

Business Facilitation

  • Trade & Investment Opportunities. These include overseas business missions, seminars and networking sessions with incoming business delegations. SBF has five dedicated geographic business groups covering the Americas & Europe, Middle East & Africa, ASEAN, China, and North and South Asia regions that offer extensive linkages with business chambers worldwide. The Federation also co-chairs bilateral business councils with several countries to spur two-way trade and investment.
  • Global Asia Hub Programme helps global companies set up in Singapore to expand into the Asia market. There are opportunities for members to partner these companies to grow locally and regionally.
  • Sustainable Development Business Group (SDBG) helps companies who are interested in adopting or commercialising sustainability practices. It also serves to link the community to local and international business leads in the clean energy and sustainable development space.
  • International Business Fellowship (iBF) Executive Programme supports Singapore-based companies in the training of executives to acquire business knowledge and build networks in specific markets.
  • Business Exchange (BiZX) Portal – a platform for SBF members to post their business profiles and showcase their products and services for greater visibility in the local, regional and international arena. Members can also search for business contacts through BiZX (
  • Business Quotient (BiZQ) is a quarterly in-house magazine. It keeps members and the Singapore business community updated on the latest economic trends, industry news, and trade and investment opportunities in Singapore and around the world.
  • ICC Publications – as the Singapore based National Committee representative of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), members are able to purchase ICC Publications directly from SBF.

Capacity Building

  • Briefings, Seminars, Dialogues and Workshops covering a wide range of issues and topics related to business, international trade, manpower and productivity.
  • Mentorship Programme offers a robust platform for growth oriented companies to receive professional guidance, exchange best business practices and adopt new business management skills from eminent business leaders in Singapore.
  • Productivity Programme includes the Empowering Efficiency & Excellence (3E) programme and the Productivity, Resilience and Innovation for Manpower Excellence (PRIME) programme which help companies sustain innovation-led and productivity-driven growth while improving quality at work.
  • Business Continuity Management Programme – As the appointed National BCM Focal Point, SBF assists members in building up their resilience against business risks, thereby strengthening Singapore’s reputation as a trusted hub.

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