The Packaging Industry

Today's packaging industry does far more than manufacture simple containers. It is often the packaging itself that first catches our attention in supermarkets and department stores and clinches the sale.

It is also the packaging that protects our food from spoilage, expensive breakables from damage and tiny items from getting lost. Yet, all this must be done neatly and in an attractive compact manner that is cost effective.

The packaging industry comprises companies dealing with packaging materials, equipment, machinery, design and consultancy. They serve a large group of manufacturers, including food, beverage, electrical, electronics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, etc.

In paper packaging, corrugated cartons are the main medium for carrier containers here. With numerous manufacturers servicing this market, there is ample capacity for export. Other paper packaging includes printed cartons, multiwall sacks, paper bags, drums, tubes, cups and wrapping paper.

The bulk of metal cans produced here, mainly for the beer, beverage, aerosol and food industries, are exported. Also made here are metal drums, plastic-lined drums and pails.

Wooden pallets are still in demand to meet the large volume of exports, while the use of wooden cases has diminished.

Singapore's packaging industry is poised for greater growth. To achieve that, manufacturers must keep up with new packaging trends and use improved products and innovative materials.


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